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Are you stuck with an Arabic text that needs translating to Dutch (Flemish) or English? I offer you a professional certified or literary translation, rendering the content of the original text correctly while maintaining an easy read in the target language. I specialize in artistic and literary translations, but you can count on me for the translation of all sorts of documents.

As a translator of literary texts, I believe it’s important to create a translation that has its own artistic value in the target language. This requires a deep knowledge of the language. Therefore, when it comes to literary or artistic texts, I only translate to my mother tongue, Dutch. For the translation of other texts however, you can also count on me for a translation from Arabic to English.

What can I translate for you?

Literary and artistic translations

Looking for a translator for an Arabic play, a graphic novel or another kind of literary text? With my translation your work will also blow the Dutch audiences away. As a literary translator I grasp the essence of an Arabic text without rigidly holding on to the original. The result is a Dutch text that has its own literary value, while doing justice to the themes, atmosphere and tone of the original text.


Want to perform an Arabic play for Dutch audiences? In that case you need someone who masters Arabic as well as Dutch to take care of the surtitles. I will complete your technical crew by making sure the translation appears above the scene at the perfect moment. That way, the audience can enjoy the beauty of Arabic theatre without missing a beat of the content.


Are you creating a documentary, covering a story or making a film containing spoken Arabic fragments? I will translate the Arabic to Dutch or English so your future audience will be able to follow perfectly.

Sworn translations

Are you looking for a translator for an official document such as a drivers licence, a marriage certificate or a diploma? As a sworn translator I deliver qualitative certified translations that are recognized by the Belgian court. You can find my translators profile in the National Register of sworn translators of Belgium, right here!

Translations for businesses

A Belgian business that is active in the Arab world? Or an Arabic business active in Belgium? In that case help with the translation of communication, contracts or other documents is a must. I deliver a professional translation so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

Social translations

Communication is key in a social context with Arabic target groups. With my translation of the required documents, your connections won’t have to halt at the language barrier.

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