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Are you editing a newspaper, magazine or news site? Looking for someone to put a certain theme into words for you? Words are my specialty: whether it concerns a factual representation of a news item, an in-depth article that tackles issues concerning the Middle-East and/or North-Africa, or a refreshing column. I will offer your readers something worth the read.

What can I write for you?

News coverage and journalistic analysis

With a smooth and clear style, I report about the news in the Middle-East and North-Africa. Or I dig into a specific theme relating to the region, using my background knowledge for a deeper understanding. The result? Insightful articles based on primary sources and thorough analyses that present the theme’s relating to the region clearly to the reader.

Children’s literature

For the little ones too I dive into my notebooks – as into the strangest corners of my fantasy. I create stories with a twist and an awareness for the diversity in society and the different people and cultures this society is made of. Stories that can change the world, for a second or who knows… forever?

Columns, flash fiction and more

Are you looking for a lighter piece to publish in between the more hefty articles? Or do you want to lose yourself in another place for a while? My columns don’t take life, or myself that is, all too serious. I also write opinion pieces and flash fiction about everything that catches my eye in life – from the female orgasm to newborn blackbirds or the first rain after a hot summer. It’ll be fun, I promise.

As an author I am listed on the list of recognized Flemish authors of Flanders Literature. Would you like to get to know my work better or invite me to read from my work? Take a look at my author’s profile.

Recent writing projects

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