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Do you need background research for an artistic or journalistic project concerning the region of the Middle-East and North-Africa? I can carry out research for you based on primary Arabic sources. That way you can kick off your project with all your energy and a rich base of information.

What can I research for you?

Background research for journalism

Are you keen on basing your news coverage on first-hand information from the Arabic media? Drawing on my language skills I will provide you with information from primary Arabic sources. That way, your news coverage will be straight to the point.

Background research for documentaries about the Middle-East and/or North-Africa

Making a documentary about the Middle-East and/or North-Africa? In that case you can only benefit from someone with in-depth knowledge about the region. I will put my knowledge of the region and the language to use to carry out research for you. That way, your documentary is profoundly supported with information from primary sources.

Background research for artistic projects

Are you creating something? A performance, a piece of art or a book related to the Arab world? Do you need inspiration? Information? Or do you want to integrate the distinctive character of the region or its history in your project? I’ll get you on the right track with information or visual material about the specific themes that will lift your artistic ideas to the next level.

Recent research projects

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